Best Browser? Chrome

While I cannot speak for 100% of my attendees, I can say that I had to troubleshoot for numerous callers who could not get anything but Chrome to work including one presenter! Has anyone else had similar issues with other browsers? Is there a report that tells how attendees joined (desktop vs mobile, browser used, geographic location, etc)? I have an example from our podcast host - Buzzsprout if anyone is interested.

I have added language on the confirmation emails that indicates Chrome as the best browser for live webcasts.

I always ask attendees to use Chrome or the latest versions of Firefox, Edge or Safari. If they struggle I will always ask them to install Chrome. Normally if there are issues it is because it’s an old browser. Mainly old corporate laptops with IE set as default.

We have an intro video that plays before the start of the webinar which states that Chrome is the recommended browser.

We recommend Chrome and in our housekeeping let them know if they have issues to clear cache. When I am producing I work in Chrome in an incognito window. The biggest issue I have had though was presenters not being hard wired and using computer audio (it kills the quality).
I love the idea of adding it to the information to the email confirmation.

We also strongly recommend Chrome or Edge to our producers/presenters. Also clearing browser cache before logging in, closing all other apps, switching off all other devices that may use the internet. We’re increasingly hearing of connection issues and audio delays for presenters, and find following these simple steps can really help prevent most technical issues.

There’s a great “Presenter do’s and don’ts” guide in the knowledge centre which is only a couple of pages. A must share!